Agrana is known as the Leading sugar producer and supplier in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe with total of nine facilities in six countries.

Cooperation between the FBE and Agrana company started in Slovakia and gradually continued in two sugar refineries in Czech Republic, one sugar refinery in Hungary and two other sugar refineries in Romania. The company was looking for the partner, who will provide help with the implementation of 5S workplace organization and at the same time will be able to support their facilities in different countries in local languages. The proficiency in local languages was must, as the facilities were dealing with the change which needed to be communicated to all employees, but mainly it needed to be explained and demonstrated directly at the shop floor.

Business with sugar is specific as the year is divided into two parts – time dedicated to processing the beet and time dedicated to maintenance. This particularity needed to be included in the implementation plan, which was custom made according to the needs and possibilities of individual facilities. At the same time, it ensured the implementation of the same standard of the workplace organization, system of audits and 5S evaluation in all facilities.

“We consider our cooperation with the FBE at the 5S implementation as highly productive and we value the professional approach of the consultant. We think, thanks to the professional and caring approach of the FBE during implementation of the 5S in our company, that every employee understands the importance and advantages of the 5S implementation.”
Ing. Antonin Richter, Production and Technical Director and Ing. Peter Orihel, Project Leader of 5S method at Slovenské cukrovary, s.r.o. (Slovakian Sugar – Agrana)

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