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FBE´s mission
The mission of FBE - For Business Excellence is to co-operate with our clients in developing their business strategies, HR potential and corporate processes through training programmes, consultation and project management.


FBE - For Business Excellence is a reliable partner adapting vast experience of the world´s leading companies to specific conditions of the domestic markets.


Facts about FBE

FBE (For Business Excellence) is the trademark of companies FBE Bratislava s.r.o and FBE Prague s.r.o., with common management and a common team of lecturers. FBE was established in Bratislava in 1991 as a training and consulting company System of Engineering Services (Systém inžinierskych služieb s.r.o.). In 1998, it merged with D&D Consulting s.r.o Prague. D&D was operating as a consulting company on the Czech market since 1996.

Since 1992, FBE’s team of in-house consultants and lecturers has gone through an intensive development program. Experts from international companies participated on this development by sharing their experience and know-how, which was then modified by Slovak and Czech lecturers for the domestic business environment. One of the company’s founding partners was John Mulholland, the Director of Training and Education at the National Industrial Fuel Efficiency Service, Ltd; United Kingdom. In Bratislava, in the years 1991-1992, he conducted the first company trainings focusing on management and communication skills.

John Sipple, former director of Procter & Gamble in Florida, USA, along with a team of colleagues, participated on the development of FBE’s change management seminars in 1992, and FBE’s Total Quality Management and High Performance Business Systems seminars between the years 1994 and 2000. Shaun Brown, the director of consulting company Hackland Browne & Associates, Canada, participated on the development of FBE’s efficient training-of-trainers training methodology as well as the development of FBE’s “on-the-job” training approach. John Marsh, who in the 1990’s represented the United Kingdom in the ISO committee and participated on the innovation of the ISO 9000 standards to the 2000 version, with elements of Total Quality Management / Continual Improvement, substantially contributed to the development of FBE’s know-how in process management. In the years 1992-2004, together with FBE, he also conducted process management seminars for companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Besides in-house trainings by experts who worked in the company, FBE consultants and lecturers have attended trainings and taken short-term work placements in the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium.

The current FBE lecturer team is made up of over 20 internal lecturers and consultants with experience in the practical application of training methods in the most important companies of the production and service sectors.

Since 2009 FBE participates at training projects funded by EU not only as a supplier, but also as author of these projects.
FBE shares know-how with partners from international consultancy network SPIN (Sustainable Performance Improvement Network) and cooperates with experts from USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany and Slovakia).